The Accountants

The AccountantsWe live in a world of 7 billion people. Our biology and our cultures tell us we must reproduce as much as we can. But we are part of a frail ecosystem, we live in a closed world, we live with the delusion that the resources we need to survive could exist in an infinite amount, that we can go on forever, perpetrate our species. But is it really this way?

Or there is a point where we will be too many for this planet? And where is this point? Did we already passed it, or we are still on time to turn back?

Those questions brought me to write this story. Then I added a bit of action, plot twists and disasters, or it would be boring.

Anyway, if you want to look at one of our possible futures, may I introduce you The Accountants.

Earth, a few centuries in the future.
The world is overpopulated, fighting for the resources and the birth control.
Corporal Roxanne Johnson, after the failure of a military mission, has been relocated to Newtaly, the American protectorate over the former Italian peninsula.
What she wants most is being free from the Government control and able to live a happy life with her girlfriend Jin. The occasion is offered to her by a shady nerd that goes by the name of the Accountant.
But everything comes at a price, and Roxanne will have to decide if she wants to be a part of a crazy plan that could change the fate of humanity.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

(PS. this is the English edition, I just put the wrong language when I uploaded the ebook, this is not in Italian, sorry for the mistake, it will be fixed soon).

Sometimes Things Come Back

I took a little pause from my English writing and posting in the last months.

It was due mostly to having other things to do in my native languange, but also having lost most of my motivation. It’s always like that. I do things alone, I can’t see many results, I feel disheartened and give up.

Then I change my mind and I come back.

I thought for a while that this English thing was simply impossible for me. Aside from my constant self doubt (am I good anough? What else could I do to get better?) I keep reading accounts of people that manage to have readers and make a living writing, while I stare at my counter’s flatline and wonder what did I do wrong.

My main problem is the promotional part. I’m not a sociable person, and I don’t have a budget for advertising, so I’ll do what I can. Add to this my constant insecurity that keeps me from going all the way and makes me run for the hills at the first challenge and there you have it.

So I thought that I should simply retire and do other things. But then I keep getting back to my stories, and maybe I didn’t give them the attention they needed.

tropical weirdSo for stater I did a total revision of Tropical Weird, my first novella, and I fixed a lot language glitches, since my English got better with time. I also restyled the cover a bit, see for yourself. And I hope some horror/sci-fi fan will give it a shot. I also added a preface with trigger warnings, because that story is a punch in the guts, even for me. But we have to write the hard things.

You can find it again exclusive on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited

I’m still thinking if it’s the case to also make a paperback edition, but we’ll see.

The next step will be a new editing round of The Middletown Records series. I unpublished all the editions and I’m working on a new “package”. It’s four novellas, but actually they were three, and I think I will do two volumes this time. I’m already excited for the new covers, but I’ll show them another time.

I’ve other works in stand by and the real challenge will be to get back to writing. Right after I finish with a thing that needs to be dealt with. But then I’ll be back. More determined than before.

One can hope.

Artemis (Horror Sci-Fi) – bilingual edition

by Allison J. Wade

Horror/Sci-fi Novelette
7500 words

Bilingual edition English/Italian

She wakes up in a foreign place, with no memory, in the middle of the apocalypse.
She needs to put the pieces together and understand what’s her purpose, and why she keeps having flashbacks of other times and places.
Who is Artemis?

Available on Amazon.


Jurassic World (Because: Dinosaurs)

jurassic-world-poster-dino-chris-prattFor some reason, I’m a big fan of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs.

So I was very excited when I heard about this new movie, and honestly I was not disappointed.

All I could say while watching it was, Omg! How cool is that?

There are so many things I loved about this movie and I have to drop some spoilers here and there.

Bryce Dallas Howard: I love her (and it was nice that her sister was the same actress from the Village, another of my favorite movies).

Hunting with velociraptors must be the best thing ever. Blue was so cute.

Chris Pratt: total badass, perfect for the role.

I love the moments of humor, the hints to the previous movies, but most of all I am totally glad that they didn’t make a reboot and the story was following the original plotline. THANK YOU.

I find a little annoying that to revive a franchise they have to start over and over and over again, like they do with superheroes, I mean there’s no other thing to make them do than to keep showing their origin stories? Origin stories are boring and no one actually cares. We want to see the heroes doing stuff not hear the story of how they grew up. Booo-ring.

I was saying. Yes new movie *_* and the first one was so beautiful that this fits perfectly as a sequel.

The new scary hybrid dinosaur and the final battle with the T-rex and the giantfishosaur (I will never remember its name) made my eyes shine.

In general everything was perfect, no boring moments, a lot of cool action, the right explanations given at the right time* and a story that makes you think about the relationship between men and nature, science and nature, science and men, and all in between.

* As usual people complain because according to recent discoveries the real dinosaurs didn’t look like that, they had feathers and so on, but as it’s said in the movie, those are attractions, their DNA is not pure dinosaur but had to be rebuilt with that of other reptiles, and people want to see that kind of dinos. Plus it’s a movie not a documentary so chill out people.

Conclusion: gimme dinosaurs please.