Lady of Hell

LadyOfHell-lrFinally, the Middletown Records series comes to its end.

(Here you’ll find the first part).

No more new editions or revisions (at least for a while, I hope). This is the ultimate edition. I hope you enjoy.

What’s inside this volume 2?

The celebrations for Imbolc are approaching. Everything seems back to the usual routine of Middletown, but that means a new terrible creature is ready to bring death and fear among the people.
This time both the Knights of Solomon and the Sons of Hecate will be affected closely, and will have to choose between the lives of their brethren and the safety of the city.

Beltane, the fourth Sabbat, the return of the light, Asher’s birthday.
The spring is being a litte too hot in Middletown and a thick fog is spreading from the river.
Something big is about to happen.
Mybe there is a way to lift he curse of Middletown. But at what cost?

You’ll find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Sometimes Things Come Back

I took a little pause from my English writing and posting in the last months.

It was due mostly to having other things to do in my native languange, but also having lost most of my motivation. It’s always like that. I do things alone, I can’t see many results, I feel disheartened and give up.

Then I change my mind and I come back.

I thought for a while that this English thing was simply impossible for me. Aside from my constant self doubt (am I good anough? What else could I do to get better?) I keep reading accounts of people that manage to have readers and make a living writing, while I stare at my counter’s flatline and wonder what did I do wrong.

My main problem is the promotional part. I’m not a sociable person, and I don’t have a budget for advertising, so I’ll do what I can. Add to this my constant insecurity that keeps me from going all the way and makes me run for the hills at the first challenge and there you have it.

So I thought that I should simply retire and do other things. But then I keep getting back to my stories, and maybe I didn’t give them the attention they needed.

tropical weirdSo for stater I did a total revision of Tropical Weird, my first novella, and I fixed a lot language glitches, since my English got better with time. I also restyled the cover a bit, see for yourself. And I hope some horror/sci-fi fan will give it a shot. I also added a preface with trigger warnings, because that story is a punch in the guts, even for me. But we have to write the hard things.

You can find it again exclusive on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited

I’m still thinking if it’s the case to also make a paperback edition, but we’ll see.

The next step will be a new editing round of The Middletown Records series. I unpublished all the editions and I’m working on a new “package”. It’s four novellas, but actually they were three, and I think I will do two volumes this time. I’m already excited for the new covers, but I’ll show them another time.

I’ve other works in stand by and the real challenge will be to get back to writing. Right after I finish with a thing that needs to be dealt with. But then I’ll be back. More determined than before.

One can hope.

Summer Updates

Hello everyone! How’s your summer going?

I’ve been shaking things up as usual and now let’s see what’s new.

First of all, I made a mess with the blog followers! I’m very sorry but I’ve lost some of you while moving from here to the private host and then back here. I don’t know how to retrieve the followers right now, so if you happen to visit here and want to refollow this blog I would really appreciate it. Again I’m very sorry.

Second news and most important: since my ebooks are growing in number and now it’s kind of confusing to keep up and find everything, I create a little digital store, where you can find everything I release at a lower price than the usual retailers and in 3 different formats: ePub, mobi and PDF so everyone is happy!

There is also free stuff, and more is coming, and there’s no need for registration, just fill in you email so you will get the receipt and download link. Payments are processed by Paypal, but if you don’t have an account you can use your credit card.

Direct link:

Wade Books Catalogue

All the titles are coming in the next month because some of them are still under Amazon exclusive, but I’m opting out of Select because I’d rather manage my promotions on my own and can guarantee better prices and my direct support if something gets lost in the process.

I am relaunching the Middletown Records series, again as separated novellas, because that’s how it was conceived and I think it will be the most fun way to enjoy it.

Third thing: I’ve created a new Facebook Page, English only: Wade Books so we won’t mix things up. Go give it a like if you’re interested.

I’m also writing new things, so I hope to get something done soon and release more stories.

Thanks to everyone who will take a walk with me :D

See you around!

Why we need the horror genre

Dance of death o Danse Macabre was a type of drawings and paintings of the late-medieval period, which depicted dancing skeletons as a reminder of the inevitability of death. Memento mori: remember you have to die. "Danse macabre by Michael Wolgemut". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.
Dance of death or Danse Macabre was a type of drawings and paintings of the late-medieval period, which depicted dancing skeletons as a reminder of the inevitability of death.
Memento mori: remember you have to die.
Image: “Danse macabre by Michael Wolgemut“. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

… and always will.

Many times in my life I heard people saying, why do you watch those awful things? Why do you like things so bloody and gory? Violence is a bad thing, who likes horror must be some kind of psycho, and so on.

I’ve a few friends who like and write horror fiction and I assure you they are totally nice people. I won’t say normal because who’s normal these days?

Honestly I’m more concerned about people who are very negative towards the genre, it always turns on all my inner alarms and makes me be very careful in dealing with them. Why? Because I don’t trust people that are not able to discern between fiction and reality, and take everything too seriously.

I think we’ve become too sensitive on a lot of matters. Everything seems to be considered offensive and aggressive nowadays. Even written words and made-up stories.

I cringe every time I see someone who wants to ban something, a picture, a book, an idea. That scares me more than any ghost or werewolf in any horror story.

This is my reason why I need the horror genre.

I need a way out. I need a breath of fresh air from a society that has become suffocating. I need violence and blood and death or all this fake goodness will make me crazy.

Have you ever noticed how the creepiest villains are those who think strongly of being virtuous? Because in the end, evil people are not evil for the sake of it. They really believe they’re doing what’s best.

And moreover, some of the most horrible things that happen to people, like accidents, illness, natural disasters, are not evil at all. They’re just fortuity, things that happen for no reason. And we need to know that. Death is a part of life, and we can try to trick it, or pretend it doesn’t exists. But in the end it comes for everyone.

And the horror genre reminds you of that, it tells you that bad things happen and you have to deal with them, like it or not.

It reminds you that your laws, your ethics and moral are just arbitrary constructions, and every light has its shadow.

Don’t take anything for granted.

The monster is inside of us.

Writing in a Second Language

There was a moment when I decided to run away from my country.

I couldn’t physically move for a lot of reasons (being sick and unemployed were the most important), but I could do so with my writing.

In the past years I got better with my English; I watched American shows and movies, read American books, visited a lot of American websites… A piece of me is and will ever be a little American.

English has now become an international language, a ‘lingua franca’, a language that people from different countries and different cultures use to communicate with each other.

It’s hard to express yourself in a language that it’s not your own. It takes a lot of time, and practice, and hard work.

When I decided to try and translate my stories into English, the first thing I thought was that I would make a fool out of myself. How could I master a language I’m not used to speak? I read and write and listen… and still now I can’t speak it.

I have an awful accent, I’m not able to pronounce some words (how the heck do you say ‘pronounce’?). Italian is a straightforward language. What you see is what you say, with very few exceptions. An A is always pronounced A (like in ‘car’) and not E, Ei, [other sounds I can’t even write]. An I is pronounced I (like “in”) not “AI”, when did someone decided that an “I” should be read that way? For what absurd reason?

Ehm… sorry, I got carried away.

So I was saying, I speak English, but I can’t speak English. Maybe I should say that I understand English. I write English.

Maybe I could even speak it right if I had to practice with someone, but I’m not that kind of girl (the one who likes to talk to strangers). I have very few friends, all from my country, and I’m not being able to befriend other people from around the world, maybe just because I’m shy.

But, back to the point. Writing in a second language is a weird thing.

Yet is very exciting and stimulating. It made me learn a lot, also about my own language, my way of speaking; it made me see some pitfalls in my way of conveying meaning. I noticed how many empty and useless words I used to say the same thing I could say with fewer words. When you use another language and you don’t have the broadest vocabulary, you need to pick the right word that says the right thing you want to say and you don’t have the luxury of wander around using the set phrases that comes out natural when your speak in your native tongue. You have to know exactly what you’re going to say.

And that. That is the most precious thing for a writer.

I come from a land that had no official language until a few centuries ago. Italy was a mosaic of different people and cultures and dialects. Italian as we know it was a language created and standardized by a long tradition of scholars, writers, artists. Italian came to life before Italy even existed.

In the XV century, every region had its own language, all based on ancient Latin, but contaminated by others and very diverse languages from other countries, other people, other times. Greek, Celtic, Arab, Spanish, French, and many others that got lost in time… All of this created a surprising diversity of speech, to the point that a Sicilian and a Lombard could not understand each other. But then in the courts, among the nobles and educated people, this new language begun to move its first step, based mostly on the Tuscan version, all while they kept speaking Latin, even if that was not their native language either.

All of this to say that the most important writers of the Italian tradition, those I’ve studied at school, were all writing in a language that was not their own. They have created their language by writing. And when I thought about that it just blew my mind.

It just opened to me a new perspective on what the art of writing really is.

I’m not comparing myself to them, I wouldn’t dare, but this just gave me a new motivation in pursuing my ‘dreams’.

I made mistakes, I will keep making them and learning from them, and day by day I’m going deep down in the real meaning of the words and our way of expressing our mental processes. And that’s just the most fascinating thing ever. (To me at least XD)

So, no matter how it turns out, it still will be worth the effort.

Calling Dibs on Wade Books

I searched and I didn’t found any imprint with the name “Wade Books“, so I’m calling dibs right now on the name, because I want to use it someday, for some reason.

I don’t know exactly why and what I’ll do, I always have these crazy projects in mind, maybe it will be nothing, but I’d just like to use that name so I’m writing it down and you can see that I called dibs before it was cool.

I mean wade books sounds pretty cool, because reading is an adventure, is crossing dangerous waters, is struggling to go through, because an easy story is not as fun as a complicated one.

(And actually I really hope this doesn’t have any nasty interpretation in English slang, and if it has, that’s not what I meant, I swear!)

Anyway, keep that in mind: Wade Books, by Allison Wade.

March 27, 2015.

My Worst Nightmare

the ring
The Ring (2002) by Gore Verbinski

I don’t often have nightmares. But when I do, you can say they are creepy as hell.
Sometimes it’s about zombies or even dinosaurs or other things chasing me or even bad things happening to people I care about.

But the scariest of them all is her. The ghost lady.
You know her. You’ve seen her in many movies.
She was Samara/Sadako from The Ring; the mother fromThe Grugde or the girl from Dark Water; Alma Wade in the videogame series F.E.A.R. and so on. You get that.

She’s the scorned woman, the witch, but also the innocent girl tortured and murdered. 
She’s pale and skinny and fragile and full of pain and anger and regret.

So she’s basically me, that’s why I dream about her sometimes and that’s why she scares the hell out of me. To the point that I wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep right away because I know she’s there and if I go back she will chase me again and she will do me not-so-nice things.

Luckily those nightmares come only when I’m stressed or worried for something, so most of the time I sleep well and do strange but not terrifying dreams.

But when the time comes, I know she will be waiting, she’s my personal warning that says, watch out, behave, don’t slip, or this time I will get you.

And you?
What’s your worst nightmare?

A Proper Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my web site.

I’m Allie, I love writing and that’s why I created this blog.

If I just loved reading or watching shows, I would have read and watched and kept quiet. But I love telling things and making up stories, so I write.

And let’s be honest, if you don’t have a blog and a (self)published book no one will pay attention. Not that I’m seeking for attention, I’m just doing my job. Which is writing.

Of course in order to consider it a job I should get paid to do it, but I’m still working on the details. For now I have an official blog and soon a (self)published book. Isn’t it wonderful?

To be completely honest, I’m not a total newbie. Back to my country (which is not an English speaking one, so sorry for my mistakes and/or funny sentences) I had a little experience in publishing and not just with myself, but in the end it didn’t work out as I expected so I decided to switch to English language.

Please don’t think I’ve too high expectations, it’s just that I had really bad experiences, plus the idea of writing in a language that’s not my own is challenging and exciting at the same time (and I’m all about complicating my life for the sake of it, that’s one of my many issues).

So, what will we do in this nice little blog?

I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure out something, the important thing is writing.

Have a nice stay.