Lady of Hell

LadyOfHell-lrFinally, the Middletown Records series comes to its end.

(Here you’ll find the first part).

No more new editions or revisions (at least for a while, I hope). This is the ultimate edition. I hope you enjoy.

What’s inside this volume 2?

The celebrations for Imbolc are approaching. Everything seems back to the usual routine of Middletown, but that means a new terrible creature is ready to bring death and fear among the people.
This time both the Knights of Solomon and the Sons of Hecate will be affected closely, and will have to choose between the lives of their brethren and the safety of the city.

Beltane, the fourth Sabbat, the return of the light, Asher’s birthday.
The spring is being a litte too hot in Middletown and a thick fog is spreading from the river.
Something big is about to happen.
Mybe there is a way to lift he curse of Middletown. But at what cost?

You’ll find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

The Accountants

The AccountantsWe live in a world of 7 billion people. Our biology and our cultures tell us we must reproduce as much as we can. But we are part of a frail ecosystem, we live in a closed world, we live with the delusion that the resources we need to survive could exist in an infinite amount, that we can go on forever, perpetrate our species. But is it really this way?

Or there is a point where we will be too many for this planet? And where is this point? Did we already passed it, or we are still on time to turn back?

Those questions brought me to write this story. Then I added a bit of action, plot twists and disasters, or it would be boring.

Anyway, if you want to look at one of our possible futures, may I introduce you The Accountants.

Earth, a few centuries in the future.
The world is overpopulated, fighting for the resources and the birth control.
Corporal Roxanne Johnson, after the failure of a military mission, has been relocated to Newtaly, the American protectorate over the former Italian peninsula.
What she wants most is being free from the Government control and able to live a happy life with her girlfriend Jin. The occasion is offered to her by a shady nerd that goes by the name of the Accountant.
But everything comes at a price, and Roxanne will have to decide if she wants to be a part of a crazy plan that could change the fate of humanity.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

(PS. this is the English edition, I just put the wrong language when I uploaded the ebook, this is not in Italian, sorry for the mistake, it will be fixed soon).

Solomon’s Knot is Back

Solomon's KnotAs I said in the last post, I’ve been doing some re-editing of my books.

This new edition of Solomon’s Knot actually covers two of the four original novellas that composed The Middletown Records. I decided to publish two volumes instead of four for “economy”, to have a reasonable number of pages at a reasonable price.

So here you’ll find “Solomon’s Knot” and “A Cut in the Mist” which actually makes sense because those two were once one novella that I split and expanded a little. And it makes more sense to me beacuse Solomon’s Knot ends kind of abruptly, while this way you can have the whole story with what happens next.

This is somehow a story of its own, and what cames after it’s a different story, even if in the same universe, and even if it continues what has started.

The next volume will be “Lady of Hell” and incorporate also Blood Trail; I don’t have a release date yet since I still need to work on the text and I have a lot of other things do to in the meantime, but let’s say that it will depend on how the first book goes. If I don’t have any sales, it can stay there waiting forever. I have to please the real living readers before, if you know what I mean.

Anyway here’s the description and links:

Middletown is a dangerous city. There are creatures roaming at night, corpses that come back from the grave, demonic possessions and necromancers. All sort of things come from the fog, on the river.
There is a rip in the fabric of reality, marking the border with the netherworld. Deadland, or the Sheol, as it’s called by the Knights of Solomon, who try to protect the city and its people with weapons and rituals.
Asher is one of them, at least until he meets Amy, a Daughter of Hecate that opens his eyes to a new and disturbing truth.
And now, a dangerous journey awaits him, on the edge between life and death.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Sometimes Things Come Back

I took a little pause from my English writing and posting in the last months.

It was due mostly to having other things to do in my native languange, but also having lost most of my motivation. It’s always like that. I do things alone, I can’t see many results, I feel disheartened and give up.

Then I change my mind and I come back.

I thought for a while that this English thing was simply impossible for me. Aside from my constant self doubt (am I good anough? What else could I do to get better?) I keep reading accounts of people that manage to have readers and make a living writing, while I stare at my counter’s flatline and wonder what did I do wrong.

My main problem is the promotional part. I’m not a sociable person, and I don’t have a budget for advertising, so I’ll do what I can. Add to this my constant insecurity that keeps me from going all the way and makes me run for the hills at the first challenge and there you have it.

So I thought that I should simply retire and do other things. But then I keep getting back to my stories, and maybe I didn’t give them the attention they needed.

tropical weirdSo for stater I did a total revision of Tropical Weird, my first novella, and I fixed a lot language glitches, since my English got better with time. I also restyled the cover a bit, see for yourself. And I hope some horror/sci-fi fan will give it a shot. I also added a preface with trigger warnings, because that story is a punch in the guts, even for me. But we have to write the hard things.

You can find it again exclusive on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited

I’m still thinking if it’s the case to also make a paperback edition, but we’ll see.

The next step will be a new editing round of The Middletown Records series. I unpublished all the editions and I’m working on a new “package”. It’s four novellas, but actually they were three, and I think I will do two volumes this time. I’m already excited for the new covers, but I’ll show them another time.

I’ve other works in stand by and the real challenge will be to get back to writing. Right after I finish with a thing that needs to be dealt with. But then I’ll be back. More determined than before.

One can hope.

The Mist

mistMist, fog, nebbia.

I live in a place where there’s a lot of fog in the winter, it’s like walking into nothing, when you can’t see a few feet from where you are standing. All white, like someone has erased the world.

And suddenly you are in Silent Hill.

You don’t know what’s there, in the mist. Driving with such low visibility is a nightmare, you don’t see the road, you don’t see the obstacles until they are very near, you have to make up your mind to figure out where you are going.

But what if there is something else in the mist? Something alien, wild, hungry… Lovecraftian?

You’ll find the answer to this question in Stephen King’s novella and the following movie, The Mist.

By the way, today is Mr. King’s birthday, so let’s celebrate this man who gave us such a great time with his stories! :D

Now, back to the movie.

If there’s one thing that the apocalypse movies have thaught us is this: don’t hide in a freaking supermarket with huge glass windows.

This time the characters didn’t chose to hide there, they were just already there when shit happened, so it’s not their fault. It’s their fault all the stupid things they do after. And they do a lot of stupid things.

But you know what?

That’s the reason why it feels real, because even if you think, oh my god how stupid can you be to set yourself on fire while burning a mop, or why didn’t they cover all the windows instead of just the bottom half, and so on, you realize it’s because that’s what real people who are not prepared to face an apocalypse would do.

Beside that, I really enjoyed the movie, there are a lot of good scenes and I’m glad that there’s a director out there who has finally understood how to make a movie based on a story by Stephen King and make it look good.

However, I think that what strikes the most about this movie and won’t let it pass unnoticed it’s the ending.

I won’t tell how it ends because I don’t want to ruin it for someone (like I unfortunately did for me) but I’ll just say that I think it was very brave to decide to make it end like that. It’s unsettling, it’s unfair, it’s hard to swallow. It is so wrong on so many levels that it becomes good.

So if you didn’t watch the movie and want to give it a try, just know that you’re in for a lot of pain, and probably you won’t be happy when it ends.

That, too, is the power of fiction.

1984 and Happy Birthday Mr. Orwell

George-Orwell-1984I’m already late, because I live in a different time zone and I’ve been asleep for the last eight hours (it happens when you’re human). I usually don’t keep a memo on the birthdays of writers and other famous people but when I saw the news I just jumped in.

George Orwell was born on June 25, 103 years ago. Wow, time flies. And we’re still here to talk about him and his books.

1984 is one of my darlings. It’s a tough book, some parts really need you to concentrate and some others punch you in the guts and break your heart.

I also read Animal Farm (though I’m not fond of stories with “talking animals” even if they’re not the Disney kind), it’s one of those things that you just have to do, yet 1984 remains my favorite.

What it’s about, I think everyone should know by now. If you don’t know, please go read at least the wiki page, it’s important, it’s part of our history. It was written in 1948, right after World War II, one of the darkest moments of our civilization. I think the history of the first half of XX century in Europe is pure nightmare fuel, and that’s why we need this kind of books, because history reapeats itself and if we forget, we end up making the same mistakes over and over again.

It’s also a must read for people who would like to write some serious “distopic” fiction, which it’s not a teenage romance set in the future (just saying, write what you want, but that’s not my cup of tea).

Actually I can’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t read this book, so just go get your copy now. The Big Brother is watching.

The Dead Zone

DeadZoneI already wrote in this post how I met Mr. Stephen King, so today I want to write about one of my favorite among his books.

Maybe it will sound weird, since it’s not one of his most appreciated works (or is it? I’ve encountered a few people who were fans of King but didn’t like it – more often than not my favorite are the ones which are less appreciated. Well, it’ll probably be because I’ve weird taste).

Anyway, I’m writing about The Dead Zone. Which I read FOUR times. And it’s been a while so who knows, maybe the fifth one is already in schedule. And with all the books there are in the world (and in my library and in my e-reader) it’s very rare for me to read a book a second time, let alone a fourth.

It’s an old book, published in 1979, basically a year before I was born.

I think what makes it so dear to me is the main theme. That kind of question that keeps bugging me, since I’m always wondering, what if things went differently?

The question is: “If you had the opportunity to go back in time, knowing how history turned out, would you kill Hitler before he came to power?”

Yet the book is not about history, nor Hitler, nor time travel.

It’s about a regular guy, Johnny Smith, who is a wonderful character in his simplicity, very human, very humble, good and likeable, with his college girlfriend and his job as an English teacher, with a life that looks almost normal and perfect, until a car accident sends him in a coma for four years.

And when he wakes up, the world has changed. His girlfriend is married to another man, his mother has become a religious fanatic, and he, also, is different, not only because of the pains of his long rehabilitation, but also because now there is something in his mind, a dead zone, which, if from one side has damaged some of his abilities to recall names and objects, from the other has given him a terrible power: to see the future just by touching things or people.

And he has shaken hands with a politician who gave him a terrible vision on the future of America.

He will have to decide alone, while his body slowly brakes down, if to stay and watch or do something.

But there is much more than that in the book, there are passages that give me goose bumps or make me shed a tear every time I read them. There are sentences I have underlined to remember them in the future.

It’s been a long time, but still now, sometimes I miss Johnny’s lopsided smile and it hurts a little knowing that he’s not coming back. Though, in the end, the baby is safe and that’s all that matters.

Calling Dibs on Wade Books

I searched and I didn’t found any imprint with the name “Wade Books“, so I’m calling dibs right now on the name, because I want to use it someday, for some reason.

I don’t know exactly why and what I’ll do, I always have these crazy projects in mind, maybe it will be nothing, but I’d just like to use that name so I’m writing it down and you can see that I called dibs before it was cool.

I mean wade books sounds pretty cool, because reading is an adventure, is crossing dangerous waters, is struggling to go through, because an easy story is not as fun as a complicated one.

(And actually I really hope this doesn’t have any nasty interpretation in English slang, and if it has, that’s not what I meant, I swear!)

Anyway, keep that in mind: Wade Books, by Allison Wade.

March 27, 2015.

A DEATH by Stepen King (and other random things)

It’s odd how I usually state I don’t like stories with aliens but this was the first King’s book I read and one of my favorite TV shows was X-Files (and did I mention my obsession for Superman?)

The first time I willingly approached a shelf and bought a book to read just for my enjoyment, I was thirteen and the book was The Tommyknockers by Stephen King.

And for some time after that day, King was almost the only author I read. I was really into horror fiction!

So I read at least 25 of his books (actually It and On Writing twice and The Dead Zone four times, it’s my darling), then I changed and started to read other authors and other kinds of books, but I think this is the first time I read one of his story in its original language, and it was about time, I should say.

King is one of the most famous writers even in my forgotten country, and there are a lot of reason for that. His prose, his stories, his weird imagination, the incredible amount of pages he was able to type through all these years!

It’s been a while since I read one of his stories, mostly because I didn’t want to be so monothematic and there were many other authors out there to get to know, then the other day I saw this free short story on The New Yorker website and said, why not?

I love his English-original prose, now that my English is enough to appreciate it, so I say, what’s so good about this story? And the first thing that comes to mind: it feels real, it feels like it’s really happened. That’s what strikes the most about his writing. And then the way he plays with your feelings, because [SPOILER ALERT] I really believed he was innocent, until the truth hit me in the face.

If you want to read it, here’s the link: A Death by Stephen King.