Summer Updates

Hello everyone! How’s your summer going?

I’ve been shaking things up as usual and now let’s see what’s new.

First of all, I made a mess with the blog followers! I’m very sorry but I’ve lost some of you while moving from here to the private host and then back here. I don’t know how to retrieve the followers right now, so if you happen to visit here and want to refollow this blog I would really appreciate it. Again I’m very sorry.

Second news and most important: since my ebooks are growing in number and now it’s kind of confusing to keep up and find everything, I create a little digital store, where you can find everything I release at a lower price than the usual retailers and in 3 different formats: ePub, mobi and PDF so everyone is happy!

There is also free stuff, and more is coming, and there’s no need for registration, just fill in you email so you will get the receipt and download link. Payments are processed by Paypal, but if you don’t have an account you can use your credit card.

Direct link:

Wade Books Catalogue

All the titles are coming in the next month because some of them are still under Amazon exclusive, but I’m opting out of Select because I’d rather manage my promotions on my own and can guarantee better prices and my direct support if something gets lost in the process.

I am relaunching the Middletown Records series, again as separated novellas, because that’s how it was conceived and I think it will be the most fun way to enjoy it.

Third thing: I’ve created a new Facebook Page, English only: Wade Books so we won’t mix things up. Go give it a like if you’re interested.

I’m also writing new things, so I hope to get something done soon and release more stories.

Thanks to everyone who will take a walk with me :D

See you around!


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