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From October 30 to November 1, you can grab my books and pay nothing at all. Go get your copies of Solomon’s Knot, Lady of Helland Tropical Weird.

Enjoy my nightmares <3


18 Billion

So a while ago I wrote a story. Then I wrote another story. And then I noticed they had something in common. That number 18 which is my day of birth and my lucky number, and my obsession for the topics of overpopulation and end-of-humanity apocalyptic scenarios.

Then I put the stories away because I was thinking maybe that’s too much and it’s not the right time to talk about this. But then I changed my mind and I said, whatever, just public that damn thing and stop making excuses.

So I decided to put those two stories together in this nice little ebook, that you’ll find on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076GKVK7F.

What is it about?


Two novelettes about an overpopulated future.

Earth, a few centuries in the future.
The world is overpopulated, fighting for the resources and the birth control.
Corporal Roxanne Johnson, after the failure of a military mission, has been relocated to Newtaly, the American protectorate over the former Italian peninsula.
What she wants most is being free from the Government control and able to live a happy life with her girlfriend Jin. The occasion is offered to her by a shady nerd that goes by the name of the Accountant.
But everything comes at a price, and Roxanne will have to decide if she wants to be a part of a crazy plan that could change the fate of humanity.

She wakes up in a foreign place, with no memory, in the middle of the apocalypse.
She needs to put the pieces together and understand what’s her purpose, and why she keeps having flashbacks of other times and places.
Who is Artemis?

Hope you enjoy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale

Oh look who’s back!

Me of course, because I’m like herpes, I keep coming back. (cit.)

But before resuming to ramble about my annoying writing things, I would like to get back to some dear old blogging and talk about this movie.

Let me say that I am a HUGE fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and loved every character of every movie (yes even that one that nobody liked) and another thing that I love so much are the subtitles of each episode that refer to some old pirate saying. What can I say, words make me happy.

My favorite quote so far was “On stranger tides” but “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is simply perfect. Also the story fits in wonderful. I think the writers are geniuses. They literally can create a world from a phrase.

As usual the stunts are big and exagerate and for that reason so entertaining, and the first scene was hilarious. And the ship of the bad guys is so awesome… I picture the authors in the room discussing things, and they were like, “Well, we did that three-swords-duel-on-the-wheel thing, big naval battles, crazy acrobatics, how can we top that?”

“Hold my beer, I have an idea.”

And I don’t wanna spoil the fun, but it’s difficult to talk about the things I loved about this movie without doing any spoiler, so this post is kind of pointless, since all I can say is I love it! But no, really, the new characters and the return of old ones, and there is alway that fricking dramatic scene that makes me tear up.

That’s it. I hope they make a new one, because I’ve never enough of the adventure of Jack Sparrow and his friends/enemies and I’d like to know what will happen next.

In the end we are all pirates at heart.

Lady of Hell

LadyOfHell-lrFinally, the Middletown Records series comes to its end.

(Here you’ll find the first part).

No more new editions or revisions (at least for a while, I hope). This is the ultimate edition. I hope you enjoy.

What’s inside this volume 2?

The celebrations for Imbolc are approaching. Everything seems back to the usual routine of Middletown, but that means a new terrible creature is ready to bring death and fear among the people.
This time both the Knights of Solomon and the Sons of Hecate will be affected closely, and will have to choose between the lives of their brethren and the safety of the city.

Beltane, the fourth Sabbat, the return of the light, Asher’s birthday.
The spring is being a litte too hot in Middletown and a thick fog is spreading from the river.
Something big is about to happen.
Mybe there is a way to lift he curse of Middletown. But at what cost?

You’ll find it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Solomon’s Knot is Back

Solomon's KnotAs I said in the last post, I’ve been doing some re-editing of my books.

This new edition of Solomon’s Knot actually covers two of the four original novellas that composed The Middletown Records. I decided to publish two volumes instead of four for “economy”, to have a reasonable number of pages at a reasonable price.

So here you’ll find “Solomon’s Knot” and “A Cut in the Mist” which actually makes sense because those two were once one novella that I split and expanded a little. And it makes more sense to me beacuse Solomon’s Knot ends kind of abruptly, while this way you can have the whole story with what happens next.

This is somehow a story of its own, and what cames after it’s a different story, even if in the same universe, and even if it continues what has started.

The next volume will be “Lady of Hell” and incorporate also Blood Trail; I don’t have a release date yet since I still need to work on the text and I have a lot of other things do to in the meantime, but let’s say that it will depend on how the first book goes. If I don’t have any sales, it can stay there waiting forever. I have to please the real living readers before, if you know what I mean.

Anyway here’s the description and links:

Middletown is a dangerous city. There are creatures roaming at night, corpses that come back from the grave, demonic possessions and necromancers. All sort of things come from the fog, on the river.
There is a rip in the fabric of reality, marking the border with the netherworld. Deadland, or the Sheol, as it’s called by the Knights of Solomon, who try to protect the city and its people with weapons and rituals.
Asher is one of them, at least until he meets Amy, a Daughter of Hecate that opens his eyes to a new and disturbing truth.
And now, a dangerous journey awaits him, on the edge between life and death.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Sometimes Things Come Back

I took a little pause from my English writing and posting in the last months.

It was due mostly to having other things to do in my native languange, but also having lost most of my motivation. It’s always like that. I do things alone, I can’t see many results, I feel disheartened and give up.

Then I change my mind and I come back.

I thought for a while that this English thing was simply impossible for me. Aside from my constant self doubt (am I good anough? What else could I do to get better?) I keep reading accounts of people that manage to have readers and make a living writing, while I stare at my counter’s flatline and wonder what did I do wrong.

My main problem is the promotional part. I’m not a sociable person, and I don’t have a budget for advertising, so I’ll do what I can. Add to this my constant insecurity that keeps me from going all the way and makes me run for the hills at the first challenge and there you have it.

So I thought that I should simply retire and do other things. But then I keep getting back to my stories, and maybe I didn’t give them the attention they needed.

tropical weirdSo for stater I did a total revision of Tropical Weird, my first novella, and I fixed a lot language glitches, since my English got better with time. I also restyled the cover a bit, see for yourself. And I hope some horror/sci-fi fan will give it a shot. I also added a preface with trigger warnings, because that story is a punch in the guts, even for me. But we have to write the hard things.

You can find it again exclusive on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimitedhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XNBIUG4/

I’m still thinking if it’s the case to also make a paperback edition, but we’ll see.

The next step will be a new editing round of The Middletown Records series. I unpublished all the editions and I’m working on a new “package”. It’s four novellas, but actually they were three, and I think I will do two volumes this time. I’m already excited for the new covers, but I’ll show them another time.

I’ve other works in stand by and the real challenge will be to get back to writing. Right after I finish with a thing that needs to be dealt with. But then I’ll be back. More determined than before.

One can hope.

Angry Birds Vs. Zootopia

Sorry if I’ve been quiet for a long time, but summer is always a mess for me, and I’ve been thinking about what to do next, what to write next, and a lot of other stuff, but I’ll be back on track. For now I repost an old article that has been in stand-by from the last move.

Maybe a bit off the usual themes of my blog, but not at all, since it’s always about stories and speculation.

I would like to talk about these two animation movies together because there are similar things and different things.

Both with animals, both with a subtext that can be applied to a lot of things.

I won’t talk about the political/ideological labels some people tried to stick on them, I’ll just talk in general about the message of the movies.

And pardon me, I’m going to drop some massive spoilers. So if you don’t want to read them, just go to the CONCLUSIONS of the post.

Angry birds movieFirst Angry Birds the Movie.

If you’re not familiar with Angry Birds, it’s a nice arcade game in which you must throw birds with a slingshot to destroy some structures with exploding things and pigs in it. Why? I have no idea. But it’s fun.

So the movie has succeeded in taking these game elements and creating a pretty solid and entertaining story.

It’s like Animal Farm directed by Michael Bay.

The story is about Red (-pilled) who lives in the Bird Island (I couldn’t remember a name to save my life so forgive if I get them wrong), where apparently everyone is happy and nice, while he has “anger issues”, so he needs to go take some kind of anger management class. But in the middle of this, a boat comes from the see and it’s full of green pigs loaded with TNT.

Actually the pigs act all friendly and bring gifts (one of which is a giant slingshot) and the birds are happy to let them in and party with them. Except Red and some other friends from his class, a yellow super-fast bird and a black bird that when upset explodes. They notice that the pigs are just pretending to be friendly but in the end they destroy the birds’ city and steal their eggs (their children aka their future).

So the three birds go summon the mighty eagle, who should protect them but now has become fat and lazy and doesn’t care anymore about the other birds, just contemplating his past glory.

But when all the birds realize what the pigs have done, they decide to make a boat and go to the pig island to take back their children. And that’s when that giant slingshot comes in handy, and a lot of explosions and mayhem happens. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

What’s the message of this story?

Don’t judge by the first impression.

Be careful whom you let in your home(land).

It’s okay to get angry if someone takes advantage of you.

When something bad happens, don’t expect other people to fix it, just go fix your shit yourself.


zootopiaNow Let’s watch Zootopia.

It’s the classic story of the country girl moving to the big city to follow her dreams.

But the girl is a bunny and the big city is a utopia where predators and preys live side by side in harmony. And for some reason they are all mammals.

The bunny’s dream is to become a police officer, and she’s so full of hopes and good intentions while everyone makes fun of how tiny she is. (I can quite relate to that).

And she’s optimistic like any other Disney princess, and she thinks everyone is good and everyone can realize their dreams. But then she meets the real world and discovers that no, not everyone is good, there are criminals and that’s why there are police officers in the first place, so actually why would she become one if she thought everyone was a good person? No wait, she said that anyone can be good but anyone can be a jerk too, okay. I agree with that.

Unfortunately she gets in a lot of trouble because she wants to do things her way and constantly breaks the rules she is supposed to enforce. Nice cop, girl.

But in Zootopia anyone can be anything, “and these guys they’ll be naked” (cit.) and that’s how she learns that everyone is different. Small, big, fast, slow… because it’s in their DNA. Except being a prey and a predator because apparently fuck science.

She even teams up with an outlaw fox, blackmailing him to help her solve a case and save her job as a cop.

You are the worst cop ever, girl.

Anyway what happens? Some predators go nuts and aggressive and peopl- ehm animals start to freak out. And that’s basically the bunny’s fault (for telling the truth that the mayor was trying to cover up).

“I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it.”

“The world has always been broken that’s why we need good cops.” (cit.)

And then it’s when she decides to quit and leave all her mess behind. She goes back to her hometown and she finds out that what made the predators go nuts are… flowers.

Flowers that acts like a drug and make animals rabid. And the Walter White of the situation (with an actual Breaking Bad reference) is a sheep. Who’s tired of being mistreated by the predators. Who’d have guessed?

But in the end the predators are not really violent and don’t want to hurt the preys. Except the ones that are actual criminals. But the cops will take care of them.

I have just one question left unanswered: WHAT DO THE PREDATORS EAT?

I know I know, it’s a children movie, again, fuck science.

Anyway, what’s the message here?

Don’t judge by the first impression.

Lying to protect your narrative will backfire. But apparently it’s fine if you are a politician? (I don’t agree with that part).

Doing drugs is dangerous.

The cops’ job is to help people.

Anyone can be good or bad, or a bit of both.

Just don’t be a sheep.

Oh, I forgot. Follow your dreams. (Said every Disney movie ever).



Both movies are spectacularly well done and I highly recommend to watch them both, ponder about them, and make your kids watch them because it’s important to develop a critical thinking without dismissing thoughts that might be different or even opposite of what you think is right.

Open your mind and try to understand what other people think and why, even if you don’t like it.

Don’t close yourself in an echo chamber.

And at the same time, don’t take things too seriously, they are just kids movies.

Let’s have some fun for once and don’t turn everything into a political debate.

But when your kids grow up, let them read Animal Farm too.

Reveal The Deep

unnamedWhat a lovely game!

I think it’s perfect for a casual player who loves a simple gameplay and creepy atmosphere.

I bought it on sale on the Steam store:

“Reveal The Deep is a short exploration game set in the wreck of a 19th century steamship. Navigate through expansive levels, uncovering the stories of the ship’s demise and it’s passengers. Keep your nerve, your wits about you, and prepare to reveal the secrets of the deep.”

It won’t take too long to complete and it’s not so difficult either, but it was a pleasant surprise.

The graphics is pixelated, minimal but effective.

It’s composed of 3 chapters, but pay attention because you can’t save in the middle of a chapter so if you quit befor completing it you’ll have to start back again, but it doesn’t take long so there’s not much bother.

You can die in some occasions, but you’ll respawn and can get back to play from a certain point. There are some minor jumpscares, but nothing to worry about.

The best part is that if you turn on and off the lights the surroundings will change, and there’s a bit of a lovecraftian theme to it.

If you’ve tried it, let me know!

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